Limits of the 10 day money back guarantee?

We can’t honour the guarantee if you alter the car in any way; if you’ve driven it over 500 miles since you bought it; or if the car has been damaged at all since you bought it. The guarantee is also not valid on cars which are listed or have a purchase price over £100,000. If we think you’ve overpaid for the car, we’ll give you what we think it’s worth.


If you submit an enquiry about a vehicle you’re interested in through the heycar site  and proceed to purchase that vehicle within 10 days of submitting your enquiry, your purchase may be eligible for the money back guarantee, subject to these terms and conditions.

In order to be eligible for the money back guarantee you must ensure that the vehicle is kept in the same condition as it was when you purchased it and you and your vehicle must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must have purchased the vehicle within 14 days of the initial enquiry you made in relation to that vehicle via the heycar site.
  • You must be the legal owner of the vehicle, including as between you and any finance provider. For further information in relation to financed vehicles see the section entitled “What if I paid for the vehicle using finance?” below).
  • The vehicle must not be damaged, modified or altered from the condition it was bought in, in any way.
  • If you are eligible to a refund or repair under an applicable manufacturer or dealer warranty, you must exercise this right in the first instance. You may only claim the heycar money back guarantee if you are not able to obtain a repair or refund under any such manufacturer or dealer warranty.
  • The vehicle must not have been driven more than 500 miles since the time of purchase.
  • Neither the listing price on the heycar site nor price paid for the vehicle may be more than £100,000.
  • You must not be an employee of the relevant dealer or any of its agents, suppliers or related companies or otherwise connected with the dealer or related personally or professionally with any such person or any members of their immediate families or households.

We will only refund the actual price paid for the vehicle which must be no more than the value the vehicle is listed on the heycar site.  We reserve the right to refuse or reduce the amount paid in relation to a claim if the listing price or the price actually paid is higher than the Car Auction Price (CAP) retail value for the vehicle.

We also reserve the right to refuse or reduce the amount paid in relation to a claim in our sole discretion if:

  • we find that the vehicle has been subject to unreasonable usage or treatment;
  • the purchase price has been artificially inflated or does not reflect fair market value; or
  • we suspect any breach of applicable law, including in relation to fraud, money laundering or other dishonesty relating to the claim.

Can I still get my money back if I have finance on the car? You need to cancel your finance agreement within 14 days of buying the car, as per the cooling off period – and you’ll be responsible for any fees incurred. If you’re considering this, please get in touch below and we’ll help.